How to Watch ACPSTV

Mac & Windows using VLC

  • Be sure you have VLC installed. If you do not have VLC, please download it from
  • Download the ACPSTV playlist file. You may need to right click on the link and choose to save it locally if your browser attempts to open it automatically.
  • Open the newly downloaded file using VLC. You may need to make sure that VLC is your default player for this type of file.
  • To change channels or view all channels, press the buttons as shown below:
    VLC Step 1

Advanced Options

  • For the best video quality, turn on Deinterlacing using Yadif mode.
    • Go to VLC Preferences - The preferences are under the VLC menu at the top on a Mac and under the Tools menu on a PC.
    • Go to the Video section by clicking the Video button at the top of the preferences screen.
    • Halfway down the page in the Deinterlacing dropdown, choose On. In the Mode dropdown, choose Yadif and click Save.

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